Candek supplies and installs:

  • Log rails
  • Cedar rails
  • Cedar and glass top, and bottomless rail with clamps
  • Aluminum rails
  • Trex rails
  • ACQ rails (pressure treated wood)

Candek supplies and installs waterproof and non-waterproof decking:

  • Waterproof vinyl decking
  • Trex decking
  • Cedar decking
  • ACQ decking

Inside trims:  Candek custom fabs:

  • fine trim finishes
  • borders
  • windows
  • doors

Outside Trims:   Candek supplies and installs:

  • full house siding
  • battens
  • top caps
  • window / door trims
  • custom flashings

Candek demos, builds, and re-builds custom decks and additions.  We design decks from start to finish whether your project is small or the most extravagant!

Candek sands, paints, or stains any wood railing system and any full exterior paint or stain project.
Candek now offers concrete sealing.